Have you ever found yourself lost in a maze of options when searching for the best assisted living community?  It can be like stepping into a bustling market with vendors calling out from every corner. Only this time, it’s not fruits or fabrics we’re shopping for—it’s comfort and care for our loved ones.

In my search, I came upon The Gardens—an oasis amidst that chaotic marketplace. A gem hidden in Fairfax, Virginia; it was more than just another senior home. The Gardens just felt different—like someone had taken the warmth of a family home and blended it with top-notch healthcare services. A perfect combination.

So what makes The Gardens stand out among its competitors?

The Gardens: A Comprehensive Overview

As one of Fairfax, Virginia’s most highly-rated assisted living communities, The Gardens offers a variety of services that cater to diverse needs. This includes assisted living, memory care, respite care, and even an adult day program – making it one of the most comprehensive senior health care communities in northern Virginia.

The Gardens’ History and Founding Principles

Opened by the Bainum family in 2001, The Gardens was their second initiative in senior healthcare. Its founding principles were deeply rooted in creating a safe haven for seniors where they can lead an enriched life while getting all the help they need.

Services Offered at The Gardens

The Gardens is not just a place to live, it’s a community that offers diverse care services extending far beyond other senior care communities in the area. It is designed to meet the unique needs of each resident.

Assisted Living at The Gardens

Our assisted living has licensed nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants and professional caregivers on site 24/7. All of our residents can enjoy their independence while getting help when they need it.

Memory Care Services

We offer specialized memory care services in an environment specifically tailored for those with cognitive impairments. This intimate setting promotes, engagement, comfort and familiarity.

senior man with caregiver

Respite Care

To give caregivers a much-needed break, we provide respite care services. This service ensures loved ones are cared for around-the-clock without compromising on quality or safety. Respite care is available from two weeks to three months.

Adult Day Program

What sets The Gardens apart from many other communities is our adult day program – the only one in the area open daily from 7:00 AM-7:00 PM, including weekends. This program provides a sense of community through social engagement and delicious meals, while loved-ones attend to their work and personal needs.

Rehabilitation Services at The Gardens

The Gardens offers a comprehensive range of rehabilitation services. We aim to help our residents regain their strength and independence after an injury, surgery, or illness.

We understand that each resident’s needs are unique. So we provide tailored therapy plans including occupational, physical, and speech therapies. These therapies are delivered by licensed professionals who bring warmth and expertise to their work.

Our occupational therapists assist with everyday tasks like dressing, eating, bathing – activities crucial for maintaining autonomy. Physical therapists focus on improving mobility and strength which can often be affected due to aging or certain health conditions. Our speech therapy program will help to enhance communication skills in residents struggling with language disorders often associated with stroke or dementia. All these rehabilitation services happen right here at The Gardens.

dining room

Amenities and Lifestyle at The Gardens

Living at The Gardens is about more than just having a safe place to call home. It’s also about enjoying the lifestyle you desire.

Dining Experience at The Gardens

At The Gardens, residents get an exceptional dining experience with daily specials and a wide variety of menu options in our main dining room. Meals are prepared to meet the dietary needs and tastes of each resident.

Recreational Activities and Social Events

We believe life should be fun-filled no matter your age. That’s why we host various recreational activities and social events that keep everyone engaged and entertained. Think of it as summer camp but without the mosquitoes. Our beautifully-landscaped grounds provide a perfect setting to relax and enjoy the outdoors in a safe environment.  And regularly scheduled day trips provide an opportunity for residents to experience all that the area offers, from museums to parks.

On-Site Beauty Salon

No need to step outside for a hair appointment anymore. Our on-site beauty salon lets residents pamper themselves right in the convenience of The Gardens.

Accommodation Options at The Gardens

The Gardens is home to a variety of living spaces designed for comfort and ease. Residents can choose from different floor plans, each thoughtfully designed to cater to unique needs.

Suites offer a spacious area that’s perfect for individuals who enjoy having room to move around. They feature ample space, letting residents arrange their furniture and belongings in the most comfortable way possible.

For those seeking more privacy or space, one- or two-bedroom designs are available. These options provide separate areas for sleeping and entertaining guests—ideal if you’re expecting frequent visits from family members or friends.

Assisted living card room


What a journey, right? We started with a question about the best assisted living community and ended up discovering The Gardens—a haven of care nestled in Fairfax, Virginia. We learned that it’s not just an assisted living facility but also offers memory care and day care services.

The Bainums had vision; they wanted to provide healthcare and safe, senior living for those who need it most. The Gardens gives its residents access to everything from occupational therapy to fine dining experiences. It lets them live life at their own pace while ensuring top-notch healthcare is always available. In short: if you’re searching for quality senior care—be it respite, memory care, day care or assisted living—The Gardens could be your answer!

We welcome you to stay with us

As you plan for vacations, or if caring for your loved one is becoming a challenge, The Gardens offers compassionate, experienced, and licensed respite care. Call (703) 249-6356 or contact us for a consultation. We serve the northern Virginia area and beyond.  We look forward to talking with you.